For Dental Office cleaning, it’s all about the details!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your dental clinic is vital to the health, safety, and welfare of your patients and your staff. We know that dental office cleaning service requires a high level of attention to detail.

Custom Cleaning Services for Your Dental Office

We understand the janitorial requirements that go along with cleaning your dental care facility. We will help you develop a schedule, terms, and cleaning plan to accommodate your needs. To ensure that you get the best work, your cleaning team will be the same team every time. This guarantees that you will get the same quality service, and the small details will not be missed.

Some items to consider adding onto your dental office cleaning list include:

  • dusting & dirt removal
  • wall cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • vacuuming
  • spot removal
  • mopping
  • carpet cleaning
  • floor cleaning & polishing
  • garbage removal
  • Detail-Oriented & Eco-Friendly!

    We have a fully trained staff that take pride in their work, and use the best, eco-friendly products, including HEPA filtered vacuums. Our meticulous, dependable staff will see to it that your dental clinic is as clean and bright as your clients’ smiles.

  • We are Flexible

    Our schedules range from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our flexible terms make it easy for you to accommodate us into your busy schedule. We understand hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to the sanitation of dental offices. Not only does cleanliness instill trust in your patients but keeps them healthier and safer.

  • Insured
    & BONDED

  • Supervisors

    Bi-Weekly or Monthly